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Flaming Zests

I’ve been casually trying to understand cocktails these past few months. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure as I don’t want to support this fucking mixologist non-sense that seems to be inhabiting mustaches all around our fair city. But, let’s not throw the baby out with the gray water. A good drink is paramount [...]

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It’s My Wife’s Birthday Today, So We Decided To Eat

This past weekend was great, friends came into town and we drank, and we cooked, and we ate and we drank some more. On Monday, the party continued when some Family came into town and I cooked some more and we drank and we ate. This morning… I cooked and we ate. I haven’t started [...]

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Awesome and Easy Pate

This is a totally simple and tasty recipe for a liver pate that I snagged out of Cook’s Illustrated. It calls for chicken liver, but I made this with goose liver’s from Gephardt’s last time. For our annual Christmas party this weekend I’m making it from beef liver. I’ve not used beef liver before and [...]

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Pan Fried Bone Marrow

It would really hurt to put hot, liquid marrow into a syringe and shoot it into your arm or eyeball so Michael Ruhlman has this satisfactory alternative for using bone marrow to activate your pleasure centers: “To cook the marrow, roll them in flour till they’re completely coated and sauté them in canola oil over [...]

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Michael Ruhlman in Chicago

Michael Rulhman’s book “Ratio” is one of the best things that’s ever happened to my cooking. It is typically my first reference when approaching a new dish and has helped me understand how I might someday develop my own voice with cooking more than any other book or experience I’ve come across to date. But [...]

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Michael Rulhman’s Brioche

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I’ve been blind-sided by February. It must be that winter came on so early and so cold, but god damn I am feeling the raw end of this winter’s witch’s tit like never before. Here’s Ruhlman’s recipe for Brioche. It’s super easy and insanely delicious. [...]

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Man Up & Survive the Snowpocalypse Like A Chicagoan for Fuck’s Sake

Hey now, there’s a blow out there! Pretty sweet, eh? It’s a rare treat to see the entire city of Chicago tinkle it’s collective panties, especially over something as chaotic and essentially bombastic as a weather current, so I for one plan to enjoy it for every last morsel of ridiculousness I can scour. What’s [...]

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Bacon Pancakes

They are simple & delicious & you should enjoy them often. I just take a 1/2lb of bacon and put it in the oven at 400* until brown and crunchy. I then chop the bacon up until it’s in tiny, fat-filled chunks of deliciousness. I put the bacon into my pancake batter, Michael Ruhlhman’s is [...]

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Portabello & Porter Pate? Hell Yes.

In one of those inexplicable hiccups of collective development several friends and I have all seemed to have developed a working curiosity about making our own charcuterie in the past month or so. I suppose it’s not terribly surprising as the prevalence and diversity of cured and smoked meats seems to grow exponentially with every [...]

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A Year of Charcuterie

Two blogs, Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen and Yummy Mummy, are helping to organize what they are calling Charcutapalooza. On the 15th of every month a new recipe from Michael Ruhlman’s “Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing” will be posted and participants will have until the 30th to make the recipe and then post about [...]

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