Michael Ruhlman in Chicago

Michael Rulhman’s book “Ratio” is one of the best things that’s ever happened to my cooking. It is typically my first reference when approaching a new dish and has helped me understand how I might someday develop my own voice with cooking more than any other book or experience I’ve come across to date. But does that mean I’m going to go down to Butcher & Larder on October 11th for a book signing by Anthony Bourdain’s straight man? Probably not. But I do think it’s great that there are people that will.

From his books “The Making of a Chef” to the amazing “Charcuterie” and his newest “Ruhlman’s Twenty” to his appearances on No Reservations, Ruhlman tends to present himself in the kind, interested, unassuming and slightly stoned manner of someone who deeply cares about their craft and sincerely enjoys in sharing it’s riches with others. And, in an industry populated by orange croc wearing neo-reptillian gingers like Mario Batalli and his smarthy like, it brings me more than just a little bit of happiness to know that substance can still persevere over, or at least amongst, style.

Butcher & Larder is also offering an opportunity to have a more intimate experience with Michael Ruhlman:

Relate to me in a tweet (@butcherlarder) an ‘a-ha’ moment involving a cooking technique or ingredient. 20 winners will be selected to hang out at The Butcher & Larder with Rob and Michael Ruhlman while they make sausage and put together a version of the sausage and escarole soup from Twenty. This will be a great opportunity for fans to talk about the new book and his amazing career from The Making of a Chef to co-writing The French Laundry and Charcuterie.

The “sausage-making party with Ruhlman” will take place from 6-8 PM on Tuesday, October 11th, and if you are not selected for the party, there will be an open book signing for anyone and everyone from 8-9 PM.

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